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Use spells to defeat rooms of enemies, using your own blood sacrifices.

In order to play:

Drag cards over the player to sacrifice limbs (you start with all fingers, toes, hands, and feet) to gain essence. Sacrificing limbs does damage to your constitution (not your defense). If your constitution falls below zero, you die.

Left click on spells, right click on targets to use them.

End turn using the spacebar.

Use spells (which require essence) to defeat enemies.

Spells include:

Fireball - deals damage based on your destruction skill

Frost Bolt - deals damage based on your destruction skill and prevents movement for one turn

Siphon - steal additional body parts from your enemies

Bind - prevent your enemies from moving for one turn

Shield - raise your shield level by 20.

Shuffle - shuffle your remaining cards.

This game was made for the Compo edition of Ludum Dare 44 ("Your Life is Currency"). It was minimally game tested and is barely functioning - but it was my first LD, so I wanted to include it.

All art, code, and music was created by me. Or, in the case of music, it was chosen by me using sound effect generators such as BRFX, SFXR, and BeepBox.


bloodmage_human_sacrifice.zip 8 MB
ld_ccg_trpg.project.gmx 5 kB
bloodmage_human_sacrifice_bugfix.zip 8 MB
ld_ccg_trpg.gmz 9 MB

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